Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back in the Swing Baby!

My golf over the last decade or so has been really sporadic. When I was in High School of course, about all I ever did was hit the links. It was much easier when my Dad paid.

Then I went to college for about five minutes where I played more than I went to class. Once I failed out though, golf came to an end for a while. The Army got in the way (not too much opportunity to play in South Korea), and then moving a lot also didn't help. I was pretty poor in Portland, so that didn't help. Then I moved to Salt Lake and met a great group of guys which afforded me pretty regular games every Sunday when the weather was good.

I really got my game into shape, and then of course I stopped playing again for a while.

Now I am here in Kanab, social activities can sometimes fall short. The other side of that is more time to play. I recently ponied up $800 bucks for an all I can play in a year membership at the local course.

It's only nine holes, but as you can see, it's not short on scenery. Most of the course follows those red cliffs. My game is in bad shape, maybe as bad as ever. Haven't broken 40 since I have been back. This is a fairly tough nine holes though, so I don't feel as bad. Pretty frustrating however.

So, open invitation to all, to come play with me in Kanab!

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Julianne Hancock said...

I don't golf. I was planning on trying again this summer. But I drive a cart and I drink beer. April 26 people!

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