Sunday, July 20, 2008

It was....well....Monky

This weekend was a special treat. Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery came to Best Friends. They are a band of their traveling monks, hittin' the road and raising money for their monastery as well as spreading their hard to swallow message of peace for all. I mean seriously, who do they think they are?


It was pretty darn cool. For about an hour they ran through what I think was a prayer book, chanting and occasionally kicking up the music.

One of the monks obviously had some kind of voice training as he literally sounded like a didgeridoo. He seemed to be leading the gang, while one played a giant drum that looked like a lollipop.

So every few minutes they would totally go all out. Two monks on some kind of horn, two on what looked like one of those Swiss Horns.

Really pretty incredible stuff. Makes you really hate what the Chinese have done to Tibet.

As if the way China treats its animals wasn't enough to not support the Beijing Olympics, maybe what the Chinese have done to Tibet is?

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Anonymous said...

What a great treat! How many people can say that they had Monks in their backyard? And your photography is getting so cool! We may have to bring you back to Salt Lake at some point and hire you as a second camera.
Speaking of which...I left a message, but wanted to double confirm...(my Jon kept forgetting to call and get your address, so I apologize for the delay of a few days) but if you want to shoot me an email when you get a chance, and let me know where to mail them, I have your disks right here ready to go. You're welcome to use them in any way that you like, and I think it's so cool that you're making a video for the grandparents.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Lori Woodbury

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